What are Idea Labs? How do I post an Idea?

Idea Labs are a great place to share your services and solutions enhancement ideas with the Oracle Product teams. Ideas are reviewed by Oracle Product Management and Development teams for member interest, complexity, resources, market trends, alignment with our product vision, and prioritization against other projects.

Read the Idea Lab Guidelines before getting started. Under My Ideas, you'll find Ideas you've marked as favorites, Ideas from your favorite forums, and your favorite Ideas.

Idea Labs can be accessed by selecting Ideas on the ribbon. Once in an Idea Lab, you can search the content using Keywords, Tags, and Status. You can also choose to view a subset of ideas based on their status, or sort ideas by submission date, rating, use, or last activity.


If you find an idea you like, you can vote on it from the homepage or from within the post, where you can also add your comments.


To submit a new idea, click the “Submit Your Idea” button on the Idea Lab homepage. You will be prompted to search if a similar idea already exists before submitting. Be sure to tag your content appropriately so that it is searchable by other members and the Oracle Product teams.


Learn more about creating My Idea Dashboard that consolidates everything idea-related onto one simple, accessible page.