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We're glad that you've found value in Cloud Customer Connect and view it as an important resource for your colleagues! You've identified someone to nominate for membership—so what's next? Keep in mind you can only invite individuals with an email domain that matches your own. Invite your co-workers to join the community by clicking on the Invite a Co-worker button on your Profile Page.

Our Search feature is a great tool to quickly find what you're looking for either within specific forums or throughout the entire community. Within Search, you can use our Quick Search Tips to access a broader range of information, or drill deeper using Boolean Search for more advanced control. Learn more.

Our product roadmap is derived from a variety of influences, such as market changes, compliance and regulatory forces, industry trends, and you, our customers. So if you want to influence Oracle’s product development, check out the Customer Connect Ideas. This is the place to share your thoughts and comment on ideas. Contribute and make an impact! Learn more.

Want to be among the first to know about upcoming events that showcase new release functionality, industry best practices, and more? Then check out our Events page where you can find what’s coming and what’s playing. Learn more.

The Subscription feature helps you stay abreast of community activity and participate more easily in ongoing conversations. When viewing a forum, page, or post, you can choose to be notified of new comments by clicking the Subscribe link above the header, or by clicking the Subscribe icon wherever it appears. Learn more.

When there are specific posts or forums that you are particularly interested in, you can bookmark the post or forum by clicking the Bookmark icon and making it a Favorite. To view all your favorite items, click on My Stuff > My Favorites. Learn more.

The Community is a powerful way to build and manage your network of colleagues and peers. Learn more.

One of the benefits of Cloud Customer Connect is that as a member, you can post questions and receive help from the community. Once you've received an answer that provides the best solution, be sure to select it as a "Best Answer". Learn more.

Your profile is used to track basic user information, like your display name, tagline, and other relevant information. Updating your Community profile is an easy way to introduce yourself to other members and help build your personal brand. Learn more.

Your reputation is everything – especially within a collaborative and dynamic community such as ours. By becoming a trusted member of the community, your professional reputation and personal brand gets a significant boost. Learn more.

Champion Levels are awarded for points earned through contributions to the community. These points are awarded every time you post a new topic, comment on an existing post, or rate content. Learn more.

Badges are a way of displaying your knowledge and expertise. You collect badges as you contribute to the community—be it through posting on forums, commenting on other members’ posts, or submitting great ideas. You also get badges in recognition of helping other community members or participating in events. Learn more.

If you want to connect privately with another member, you can. Messages are only visible to the sending and receiving parties and are not associated with a specific forum or post. You can also send messages to members by clicking the Send a Private Message link on their member profile pages.

Although you can access the Community using any standard browser on your PC or mobile tablet, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the best user experience. The Community can be viewed using your smart phone, however the UI is not optimized for small devices.

Items with a padlock icon require either a free Oracle Technology Network account or a My Oracle Support login, which is available with a signed customer support agreement.

Throughout the Community, you might see acronyms used on various pages, menus, forum posts, event announcements, etc. Here is a list of commonly used acronyms.

Still have questions? Visit the Site Feedback and Questions forum to ask a member of the Customer Connect team.