Champion Levels are awarded for points earned through contributions to the community. These points are awarded every time you post a new topic, comment on an existing post, or rate content.

A member’s Champion Level enables other community members to trust content provided by top contributors, who often provide some of the highest value within their respective communities. The Champion Level is displayed next to a member’s name throughout the community as well as on the member profile page. As members earn more points and reach the next Champion Level, they will receive a certificate via email with the option of adding the certificate to their LinkedIn profile.

Get involved and work your way through the following levels:

You will receive points for the following actions:

 Champion Level Points Required
 Green Ribbon Green Ribbon 100
 Red Ribbon Red Ribbon 250
 Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon 750
 Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 1,250
 Silver Medal Silver Medal 2,000
 Gold Medal Gold Medal 3,500
 Image Bronze Trophy 5,000
 Silver Trophy Silver Trophy 7,500
 Gold Trophy Gold Trophy 10,000
 Bronze Crown Bronze Crown 15,000
 Silver Crown Silver Crown 22,500
 Gold Crown Gold Crown 30,000
 Black Diamond Black Diamond 60,000
 Action  Points
 Create a new Post  10
 Submit an Idea  10
 Comment on a Post or Idea  20
 Rate a Post, Idea, or Comment  15
 Your Post, Idea, or Comment gets rated  Up to 20
 Your Comment selected as Best  50

Certificates are sent on a monthly basis to members who have achieved a new champion status in the previous month, with the option to add it to your LinkedIn Button LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievement.